Plasti Dip Wheels

By far the most common service here at Dip Workz. Dipping your wheels is by far the biggest/eaisest appearance change to your ride! Painting the wheels with a fresh layer of dip can revamp any car whether its your moms soccer mom van or a track car. Plasti dip is for those that want results, people that want new wheels but cant afford them, and if your not looking to spend a fortune on powder coating. Dipping your wheels will do many things for you, give you an added layer of protection from scratches (curb riders solution), fix your wheels from any blemish or scratch that may be there, and generally make them look like brand new wheels without having to go through the trouble of getting actual new wheels that will cost you an arm and a leg. You can dip your wheels any color you want, you can even keep coming back to us after a few months and change the color if you wanna do something new. Ask about our frequent customer program, for those of you who want to change your wheels as often as the clothes you wear, we have discounts for you!

Plasti Dip is NOT PERMANENT and will NOT EFFECT your factory paint in anyway. It merely covers it up for as long as you want (or up to 3 years).

Get Dipped!